Diving Curacao

Blue bay dive resortScreen Shot 2019-04-16 at 20.21.36

I was asked by Midge at Scuba blue if i wanted to join them on a group trip to Curacao in April. After getting the details i jumped at the chance as the price was very good and i knew most of the people that were going! After several hours on the plane we arrived to a rough looking sea.. but we were assured we were not diving on this side of the island. I was surprised at just how different one side of the island was from the other. The sea was clear and the beaches were tropical on the other side! After picking up the hire trucks we headed to Blue bay dive resort where we were staying and got our kit ready!. Me and Andy (my buddy for the week & roomy) went down to the beach to check out the dive centre! it was a great dive centre and all the staff were very helpful and friendly! always giving us advice when we needed it!IMG_2060The Dive Centre

The next morning Me and Andy got up early.. he was as keen as me to get in as much as possible to make the most of where we were! we kitted up and jumped straight in off the beach and dropped to 40 meters. The reef was beautiful and full of life. The amount of life and critters here made it a photographers dream. Just off the shore you had the option for a deep dive or a shallow dive! we explored most of the reef during the week and it never got boring! There was always something different to see! my aim was to find nudibranch over the week but was told i would be very lucky as not many are seen here. That didn’t stop me looking and on the 3rd day i came across a pair which were in the process (the chase) of mating ! and 2 days later i found another pair in the same process! I was happy to have found a few! from this point everything else for the week was a bonus! we also found a sea horse and a turtle which always makes a great dive better!  There were lots of small critters to photograph as well as big stuff so for any kind of photographer wether that’s wide or macro theres always something there to photograph! My feelings while diving in the bay was excitement and happiness every time i got in the water.. this is down to having a great buddy who made it easy diving, and to have the conditions we did made it the perfect place for the week!P4090036 copyAbove is a purple crowned sea goddess (Mexichromis Kempfi)

Over the course of the week we travelled to several dive sites to explore a bit more of the island. There were some great dive sites but nothing seemed to match the Blue bay dive resort reef!  the life was a bit sparse elsewhere but the beaches and beach bars were tropically beautiful so we made the most of being there and relaxed and had a beer and tried the food.P4080264Over the week we went to a lot of places and got to dive as a big group, and what a great group of people to be on a Caribbean island with! great laughs and great memories made! P4080190Andy

For the last none diving day me Andy and Carla went exploring the island in the truck.. there’s a few sites that we wanted to see including the national park which i would recommend doing if you get chance. Curacao is a great destination for diving and beaching! It was a well run and well organised trip and Scuba blue went out of their way to make everybody happy! I will be jumping on more of their trips in the future! when you are with a great bunch of people it makes all the difference on wether the holiday is ok or fantastic! P4080111CarlaP4110064Midge & Vics

Thanks Scuba Blue

Keep an eye out for the Curacao video coming soon!

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