Babbacombe Beach

Babbacombe is a sheltered bay with a car park close to the shore, cafe, toilets and a pub!babzz

The depth ranges from 1 – 9 meters so great for beginners right through to the experienced diver. There are many features at babbacombe! A large reef, Rocky outcrops, the great Mushroom rock which is part of the 3 amigos rock formation, West rockies and some small caves and swim throughs to explore!

Babbacombe is a great site for photography and videography due to the amount of life that can be found here! From wrasse, John dory, Conger eels, mullet , Trigger fish, seals, Lobster, Crayfish, jellyfish, Sea horses, cat sharks, Octopus, cuttlefish, Anemone shrimp, and many species of nudibranch there really is never a dull moment!21054889_10156680679273902_350096906834068111_o_new_newP9160335_0P9160357_0

Due to the amount of life here and it being a sheltered bay most of my photography and videography work shops will take place here!


Budleigh Salterton


Budleigh is a great dive when conditions allow ranging from 6-10 meters depending on the tide. The Reef runs parallel to the shore but its a good 10 minutes swim out! Once on the reef theres lots of life! Wrasse, Tompot blenies, Cat sharks, Flat fish and lots of small critters! theres a few really good points along the reef one being an opening with a giant anchor, the second being a large selection of rocks and ledges known as (the devils mouth). Theres lots to photograph here from Macro to wide angle! 40828208_2182457212001495_3525504916871184384_n40779127_379885719216572_4281621973617868800_nYou can park right next to the beach and theres a few benches along the road which i tend to use for kitting up. Failing the parking besides the road there is a large carpark at the end of the beach! 40694645_2163174170570812_4625813913915621376_n


Beacon Cove


There are a few ways to dive beacon cove.. but the best ways are..

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Dive 1 

Head out along the Reef which follows the rock wall and it will lead you to the first pinnacle. This pinnacle has lots to offer with Lobster Nudibranchs and many species of fish. The depth of the reef around the pinnacle ranges from 9 meters to 6 meters. theres a few over hangs and crevices to explore so you could do 1 dive just on the 1 pinnacle! or if you feel like you have seen it all head SE to the next pinnacle for a look. Once you have seen this head back North which will lead you to the reef and the flat sandy bay where theres some seagrass beds. Explore these as sometimes you will find Nudibranchs, seahorses, stauromedusae and many other juvenile species! Thats usually enough for 1 dive! PA060158_0

Dive 2

Follow the reef along the wall and look out for lobsters and wrasse! The seagrass bed follows the edge of the reef most of the way along to the underwater pinnacle so can be done on the way back! theres a big gully between the underwater pinnacle and the pinnacle that sticks out of the water.. this is very large with over hangs and crevices full of lobster and fish. there are some great walls too with jewel anemones and plenty of Nudibranch. you could spend a whole hour around the 1 pinnacle. Its a bit of a swim but well worth it. i would say use a 15ltr to give you plenty of dive time! Once you are done around the pinnacles head back along the reef or the seagrass bed. theres usually a lot to see on either! Beacon Cove is sheltered from Northerly winds so is a good back up when Babbacombe is blown out! Beacon can be dived all year round!PA060078_0PA060081_0.jpg